Annual Report


Mactaggart & Mickel's fundamental principles as a business are to deliver quality, reliability, integrity and solid performance, both to new build purchasers and to external clients which range from housing developers, to housing associations, local authorities, charitable organisations and retail developers.


In recent years Mactaggart & Mickel has implemented a diversification strategy, branching out from the core business of housebuilding, and providing new income streams which have made a significant positive impact on business performance. With this change of emphasis the Group has met the new challenges and opportunities that diversification has brought, whilst also easing reliance on home building during uncertain times for the market. Previously the structure of the report had followed separate business units, such as Homes, Land, Commercial etc. However it was felt that as so many projects are a combination of many of those units, that a more organic, holistic approach to the presentation of the performance of the company would be beneficial.


The adoption of the theme ‘People, Pride, Process, Production, Profit’ allowed a much more synergistic approach to the presentation. This route also offered opportunities to shine a light on those areas of the Group that were less often covered. The use of laser cut acrylic on the cover reflected the Group’s use of innovative materials, whilst the level of finish reflected that same level in their built portfolio. The use of a specific spiral wire is also unusual, and allows the document to be fully opened for added accessibility. The importance of the quality of production of the annual report is recognised by Mactaggart & Mickel. The annual report is a reflection of the high value that the Group places on this landmark document. A similar approach can also be seen throughout the Group portfolio, applying extremely high importance to the quality of all products as well as customer relations.

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