Annual Report


Mactaggart & Mickel's fundamental principles as a business are to deliver quality, reliability, integrity and solid performance, both to new build purchasers and to external clients which range from housing developers, to housing associations, local authorities, charitable organisations and retail developers.


In recent years Mactaggart & Mickel has implemented a diversification strategy, branching out from the core business of housebuilding, and providing new income streams which have made a significant positive impact on business performance. With this change of emphasis the Group has met the new challenges and opportunities that diversification has brought, whilst also easing reliance on home building during uncertain times for the market. The brief for this project was to develop the first of the aspects that were being utilised to delineate the Group structure, People, Pride, Process, Production and Profit.


The theme ‘People Front and Centre’ allowed the design to literally centre around commissioned imagery of employees across the company. The annual report was split into five sections, reflecting the company structure. To reflect the company structure, the annual report content was also physically split into five distinct sections. 1 - Mandatory information (including KPI, Chairman and Chief Executive). 2 - Description of the business using People, Pride, Process, Production and Profit. 3 - People. Imagery of employees, suppliers and stakeholders across the company. 4 - Financial information. 5 - Notes. This allowed all strands of company structure and presentation to be presented utilising five separate saddle stitched books, each bound with a coloured stock in a colour referencing five of the sub brands within the organisation. Each book is bound together using MDF (Medium Density Fibre) panels, laser cut to exactly the correct size. These acted as dividers, allowing easy access to each section. A wider MDF panel was used as a divider to the middle section. On this was laser cut and etched, a further reflection of the overall theme, ‘People at the Centre of our Business’. The total unit was glued together accurately to create an imposing and satisfyingly solid outcome.

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