She is Fierce – Care/Less


She is Fierce. A collective of creative ladies who are working hard to challenge the mainstream media’s portrayal of women in society. Launched in January 2016, She is Fierce is a creative project to explore the need for an alternative voice for young women. With the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the magazine has received a great response to and were actively encouraged by all who got their paws on it, to go bigger and better.


Initially started as a magazine for teenage girls, a recent survey has unearthed an interesting element of She is Fierce. Not only is the magazine grasping the teenage audience, and holding their interest in the most encouraging ways, it is also appealing to women of all ages, with the majority of readers falling within the 16-28 category.


The initial issue, and subsequent two issues have all gone to print without the reliance of advertising. Bio pieces from young creatives who were thought to deserve the opportunity for exposure through the magazine, and in return for exclusive stock that could be sold at She is Fierce markets. This has proved to be a VERY rewarding relationship for both the magazine and the creatives. This offer is planned to continue as it’s not often a young company can afford printed coverage. Feedback has been massively positive. - Fabulous quality. Was very careful with it as didn’t want to ruin it. Its a collectors item! - Loved the packaging, and the quality of the mag was truly amazing! - Me and my daughter loved it - she properly read and enjoyed and it looks beautiful, so nice to have something for girls that's not tat! - It's a lovely, pretty mag! - It's great seeing girls succeed! - The passion & enthusiasm for the subject matter was impressive & inspiring. - Beautiful work of art. - We keep a copy at our studio and show everyone who comes in! - So visually appealing, I just really love it ! - I'm keeping it because it really inspired me and made me feel that I wanted to do something more creative with my time. - It's a beautiful mag and it goes well with my collection of artsy feminist girl-power publications - It’s beautiful. - Waiting for right moment to staple it to my daughters so they absorb it totally.

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